Beluga Lentils


no hurry, no pause.


Mainly for slow-carb diet.


Spice Mix


  1. Brown bacon in medium heated oil, 1 min
  2. Sauté onions and celery in browned bacon, 2 min
  3. Add lentils and spice mix, gently stir, 45 sec
  4. Add water, bring to boil 
  5. Lower heat to simmer 
  6. Set a timer to 40 min, check doneness and adjust with 3 min intervals to obtain desired doneness. (The fewer times you open the lid, the finer the taste)


3 or 4 tablespoons for breakfast, the pot of lentils should last a week. 

To serve this recipe at dinner, increase spice mix by 2x (except salt). Add 250 grams of ground meat at step 1 and ½ can of tomato sauce at step 3. Serve 2 ladles of lentils with 2 tablespoons of wild rice and some salad.