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Updated on 2024-03-06. Minimal config plugin for minimal theme, Linter, Citations, Footnote Shortcut, Obsidian Enhancing Export, Pandoc Reference List.


Database path: 0_pandoc/My Library.json

Obsidian Enhancing Export

Default export folder: /Users/myself/Documents/obsidian-zettelkasten/0_pandoc

Choose template: html
Arguments: -f markdown --resource-path="${currentDir}" --resource-path="${attachmentFolderPath}" --lua-filter="${luaDir}/math_block.lua" --embed-resources --standalone -s -o "${outputPath}" -t html
Extra Arguments: -c pandoc.css -A footer.html --bibliography refs.bib --citeproc --csl apa.csl

Pandoc Reference List

Fallback path to Pandoc: /usr/local/bin/pandoc
Path to bib file: /Users/myself/Documents/obsidian-zettelkasten/pandoc/My Library.json
Libraries to include in bib: My Library
Citation style: APA Ed 7.

Other Plugins

Calendar, Pandoc, Footnote Shortcut, Update time on edit.