Slow-carb Diet


no hurry, no pause.



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Rule 1

Avoid “white” starchy carbohydrates (or those that can be white). This means no bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, or grains.

Rule 2

Eat the same few meals over and over again, especially for breakfast and lunch. You already do this; you’re just picking new default meals.

Rule 3

Don’t drink calories. Exception: 1-2 glasses of dry red wine per night is allowed.

Rule 4

Don’t eat fruit. Generally speaking: Fructose → glycerol phosphate → more body fat. Five hundred years ago, your ancestors probably didn’t eat oranges in December. Get vitamin C from your veggies.

Rule 5

Take one day off per week and go nuts. I recommend Saturday, often nicknamed “Faturday” by followers.

The Meals

Build each of your meals from the list below, picking one item from each of the three groups. I’ve underlined the choices that produce the fastest fat loss for me:

Proteins Legumes Vegetables
Eggs Lentils Spinach
Chicken Black beans Mixed vegetables
Fish Pinto beans Sauerkraut
Beef Red beans Asparagus
Pork Soybeans Peas
Lamb Brocoli
Green beans

Keep it Simple

Eat as much as you like. There is no calorie counting whatsoever on the SCD. And keep it simple: pick three or four meals and repeat them for at least the first two weeks. Here are a few of my recurring meals:

Breakfast (Home)

Three scrambled whole eggs, lentils, and spinach (microwaved or steamed).

Lunch (Mexican Restaurant)

Grass-fed organic beef, pinto beans, mixed vegetables, and extra guacamole.

Dinner (Home)

Salmon (from Trader Joe’s), asparagus (or lentils), and Coconut Cauliflower Curry Mash.

Tips & Tricks

Still having trouble? The below will fix at least 75% of all starting and stalling problems:

Try the “30 in 30” rule

Eat 30 g of protein within 30 minutes of waking up. Recall that my dad was prone to skipping breakfast. Once he implemented “30 in 30,” his monthly fat loss more than tripled, from 5.5 lbs/month to 18.75 lbs/month(!). For fat loss, my favorite breakfast is whole eggs, spinach, and lentils. If you’re in a rush, unflavored whey protein (which I mix with Athletic Greens) or a less- than-ideal Myoplex (which my dad used) will still do the trick.

Eat more protein

Get at least 20 g of protein per meal. This is most critical at breakfast.

Drink more water

If your liver is burdened with dehydration, it won’t metabolize body fat well. Down more agua and/or unsweetened iced tea.

If you have to ask, don’t eat it

“But, but . . . can I eat plantains?” No. “But, but . . . what about Ezekiel bread or steel-cut oats?” Nope. Stop stalling. If you eat the way that made you fat, you will remain fat—period. Don’t use incomplete information as an excuse for inaction.

More Information

For detailed fine-tuning (ideal meal spacing, managing diet soft drinks, etc.) related to the SCD, refer to The 4-Hour Body, which covers it all.