Rules of the Game


no hurry, no pause.


It’s easier to play and possibly win a game of chess if you happen to play it against someone who is also playing a game of chess. Of course it is inconceivable to think the opposite is playing some other game and not chess. That being said it is totally possible, people play games without following rules. For a sane person, he must stop and think, are we playing the same game?

People break (or bend) the rules or conventions all the time. Never assume your opponent knows the rules and will play the game as intended.

It’s known that competent chess players have a hard time playing with total novices because they are astonished by the moves the novices make.

Also, an interesting book to have a look: The Joy Luck Club by Tan (2014)


Tan, A. (2014). The Joy Luck Club. Penguin Books.