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One Sentence Summary

Untruth existed for a long time and there’s nothing new about mind boggling nonsense that affected (negatively) the history of mankind. Phillips (2020)

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Key Takeaways

Miscellaneous Notes

It is impossible for someone to lie unless he thinks he knows the truth. Producing bullshit requires no such conviction. - Harry G Frankfurt

We have reason to fear that multitude of books which grows everyday will make the following centuries fall into a state as barbarous as that of the centuries that followed the fall of Roman Empire. - Written in 1685 by French Scholar Adrien Baillet

Truth had ever one father but lies a 1000 men’s bastards. - Montaigne

If falsehood had one face, we should be upon better terms. But the reverse of truth has 100000 forms without bound or limit.

Note to Self: Considering current times, the number of books and mass media, the situation is a lot worse today. Also, no country has fallen as Roman Empire did… So it’s a lot worse but global dynamics also evolved.


Phillips, T. (2020). Truth: a brief history of total bullsh*t.