Truth vs BS


no hurry, no pause.


Considering current times, the number of books and mass media, the situation is a lot worse today. Also, no country has fallen as Roman Empire did… So it’s a lot worse but global dynamics also evolved. Untruth existed for a long time and there’s nothing new about mind boggling nonsense that affected (negatively) the history of mankind. From Phillips (2020)

It is impossible for someone to lie unless he thinks he knows the truth. Producing bullshit requires no such conviction. - Harry G Frankfurt

Truth had ever one father but lies a 1000 men’s bastards. - Montaigne

We have reason to fear that multitude of books which grows everyday will make the following centuries fall into a state as barbarous as that of the centuries that followed the fall of Roman Empire. - Written in 1685 by French Scholar Adrien Baillet

There’s an extremely limited number of ways of being right and an almost infinite number of ways to be wrong.


Phillips, T. (2020). Truth: a brief history of total bullsh*t.